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WG7. Valorization of by-products, residues and food wastes throughout the entire value chain


Jorge Miranda (InCubus, Portugal) - MMXX

Jorge Miranda (InCubus, Portugal) - MMXX

Alexandrina Sirbu (Romania) - MMIX

Objectives and impacts

  • Valorisation of by-products, residues and food wastes from cereal cultivation and sourdough biotechnology, by incorporation into new value chains.
  • Development and optimization of analytical methodologies for the extraction or conversion, separation and purification of compounds from by-products
  • Promote the social and economic sustainable development, the reduction of food wastes, and the circular economies.
  • Marco Garcia Vaquero
    Ireland WGL7
  • Ivana Karabegovic
    Republic of Serbia WGVL7

Ongoing WG projects

Project of books

  • Innovations in food production: Use of metabolites, enzymes and microbiota from sourdough fermentation (A mutual Book Project between Working Groups 4, 5, 6 and 7).

Project of special issues in peer-reviewed journal

  • SPECIAL ISSUE: Re-valorization of compounds from cereals, cereal by-products and sourdough derived microbiota for food applications

Projects of collaborative manuscripts

Project of biobanks

Ongoing research projects in consortium

WG outputs

  • TS 1 - GP1 - Training Schools (TS’s)

    New foods development by using sustainable substrates and fermentation technologies

    March 16, 2020 -

    The aim of TS is new foods development by using sustainable substrates and fermentation technologies. Considering problems, assotiated with the unused food by-products, the possibility of re-utilizing / valorisation it in the food chain become very important. During the TS will be showed technologies, that the valorization of dairy and cereal by-products can be very promising for the sustainable antimicrobial biomass preparation and further high quality food development in sustainable manier. On the scope of the Working Group 7 (WG7) of the COST Action 18101, SOURDOMICS, the aim of this TS is to offer theoretical and practical training to those members of SOURDOMICS that showing interest to deepen knowledge of the by-products valorization, as well as new products development and analysis. This TS will encompass a practical training in the Department of Food Safety and Quality (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences), situated in the Campus of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. More details at The TS will encompass all equipment for the TS aim implementation (HPLC and GC technique, all equipments to perform microbiological analysis etc.). Also, collection of the pure lactic acid bacteria, for the new products development, as well as cereal and dairy industry by-products, will be provided. Trainees will be asked to select by-product type, with which they would like to work during the TS (dairy or cereal industry by-products). Methodology for the valorization and new product development will be suggested and methodical part for all the experiments planed. After the TS, trainees will be asked to write a report about the results obtained, which further will be used for the joint scientific publication preparation.

    • Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
      • Elena Bartkiene,
      • Modestas Ruzauskas,
      • Vita Lele,
      • Vytaute Sakiene,
      • Paulina Zavistanaviciute,
      • Egle Zokaityte

Face-to-face and teleconference WG7 meetings

  • 2019-05-24 WG7 Teleconference Meeting

  • 2019-09-19 WG7 Teleconference Meeting

  • 2019-10-04 WG7 Teleconference Meeting

  • 2019-12-06 WG7 Teleconference Meeting

  • 2020-02-07 WG7 Teleconference Meeting

  • 28-03-2022 WG7 Teleconference Meeting

Project proposals in consortium

  • 2018. Rocha, J.M., Belahsen, R. (Coordinators). SAUVAGE – Determination of the nutritional, bioactive and functional properties of wild fruits and vegetables used in the rural region of El Jadida, Morocco: enhancement of neglected food potential. Programme Transnational Cooperation. Bilateral cooperation Portugal-Morocco. 

Concluded research projects in consortium

  • Küley, E., Özyurt, G., Özogul, I., Boga, M., Akyol, I., Rocha, J.M.*, Özogul, F. (2020) The Role of Selected Lactic Acid Bacteria on Organic Acid Accumulation during Wet and Spray-Dried Fish-based Silages. Contributions to the Winning Combination of Microbial Food Safety and Environmental Sustainability. Microorganisms (MDPI), 8, (2), 172; Special Issue: Microbial Safety of Fermented Products;

Poster and Oral communications in events

  • Rocha, J.M., Sousa, A.M., Santos, J., Alves, R., Gonçalves, R., Perez-Gregório, M.R., Freitas, V., Oliveira, M.B., Gonçalves, M.P., Rocha, C.M. (2019) Edible biodegradable agar-based films and coatings in ready-to-eat strawberries: new trends for an environmentally sustainable food industry. 1º INIAV Symposium on Food Security: "Towards Food for the Future". Instituto Nacional de Investigação Agrária e Veterinária, I.P., Vila do Conde, Portugal, November 28th. P1.15, pp. 76-78.



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