Working Groups


Elena Bartkiene (Lithuania) - MMXX

National Cancer Institute - MMXX

National Cancer Institute - MMXX

SOURDOMICS has nine Working Groups (WG’s) each one led by two members, the Working Group leaders (WGL’s). The number of WG’s in SOURDOMICS was thought in a way to better distribute coordination and leadership among the various research objectives and to establish a good proportionality with the size of our network.

Take a look to the WG’s, Join us and participate actively in our activities. See the instructions to become a member of WG’s in Join us. If you want to participate in one of the numerous ongoing projects (edition of Books, collaborative manuscripts, etc), contact the WG leaders. Complementary information can be found in Open Calls. In addition, files of the WG outputs, such as minutes and open access articles, are in the Repository.

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