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Portugal, MMXVIII
Message for GP2. Main goals

Dear members of SOURDOMICS:

A new Grant Period (GP) is just starting (2020 May 1st – 2021 April 30th) (GP2). The GP1 was successful with high execution rates of the planned networking tools, chiefly:

  • Deliverable 3 (Dx.3): Training schools (TS’s), Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM’s) and ITC Conference Grants;
  • Deliverable 4 (Dx.4) and 5 (Dx.5): Projects of Collaborative Biobanks, Books, Manuscripts, Special issues in manuscripts, and Submission of project proposals in consortium by members of SOURDOMICS.

In GP2 we will open new calls to host and participate in STSM’s, TS’s and ITC Conference grants. We will reach a new stage of development in the projects of books, manuscripts and biobanks that are expected to be delivered throughout the 4 years of SOURDOMICS but it was necessary to start right away.

The final website ( will be made available online very soon, which will be a key-tool to boost the networking activities by the Working Groups (WGs) and their respective leaders (WGL’s), and by the Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Board (DCEB) coordinators. Now the members of SOURDOMICS may better understand the scope, mission and the form of operation of COST Actions and, particularly, they are fully aware that SOURDOMICS creates numerous opportunities accessible to everyone.

Currently, the Community of SOURDOMICS comprises ca. 240 persons, between Management Committee (MC) and non-MC members, from 54 countries and in all the Continents, and this figure is continuously increasing. In GP2 one of the Goals goes through the need to increase the participation of Early Career Investigators (ECI’s), as shown in the 1st Progress Report (PR1) – so as SOURDOMICS can comply with the “COST Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy”. In fact, one of the missions of SOURDOMICS is, beyond the valorization of the actual knowledge, to prepare and guarantee the future of Cereal Science and Sourdough Biotechnology and Breadmaking with new generations of researchers, technicians and companies that bring refreshing energy, non-preconceived ideas and disruptive visions. Therefore, in GP2 we encourage the:

  1. ECI’s who are non-MC members, to contact as soon as possible the COST National Coordinators (CNC) and apply to become MC members;
  2. ECI’s, Inclusiveness Target Country (ITC) members, International observers, and all MC-members and non-MC members to participate actively in the above Deliverables and improve their own professional careers.

Wishing a successful Grant Period to all of us.

Porto, 23rt May 2020(GP2)

Sincerely yours,
João M. Rocha, Chair
Elena Bartkiene, Vice-Chair

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