The Community of Sourdough

SOURDOMICS network comprises different type of members: Management Committee (MC), non-Management Committee (non-MC) members and International Observers. SOURDOMICS became rapidly very popular and a worldwide representative network was built since the very beginning.

Currently, the COST Action SOURDOMICS comprises almost 250 MC and non-MC members belonging to 54 countries from the 5 Continents. SOURDOMICS aroused an enthusiastic interest in several companies: more than 20 small-and-medium enterprises (SME’s) and large companies (LE’s) from Europe, Africa, and North and South America already joined our Community of Sourdough in SOURDOMICS. With respect to the actual 35 MC members/countries, you can also find the parties and the management structure in this COST webpage of SOURDOMICS.

SOURDOMICS is an open and dynamic network, that encourages the entrance of new members. It is an extensive and diversified network from different standpoints, chiefly geographical, gender, career level and expertise. We want to play an aggregating role in the Society by bringing to same environment research groups, companies, farmers, consumers and other stakeholders. SOURDOMICS was designed to close the gap between researchers, companies, policymakers and society in general, by enabling their visibility and meeting, and building mutual trust. SOURDOMICS, a HUB of knowledge in Cereal Science and Sourdough Biotechnology, is a remarkable opportunity for the identification of Excellence worldwide, as well as to the international exposure and development of team working.


João Rocha (Portugal) - MMXIII

João Rocha (Portugal) - MMXIII

João Rocha (Portugal) - MMXIII


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