Jorge Miranda (InCubus, Portugal) - MMXX

SOURDOMICS main challenge lies in the creation of the Community of Sourdough – an international network based in Europe with an effective transnational coordination. This HUB of knowledge in Cereal Science and Sourdough Biotechnology was shaped to explore the Cereal Science and Sourdough Biotechnology through the valorisation of scientific and technological (S&T) knowledge produced over several decades of research, but also to guarantee a bright and successful future of Sourdough Biotechnology through the development of new research endeavours and, simultaneously, bringing new generations of researchers and technicians to this field of Science. To that purpose, several Research Objectives were defined leading to the exploration of sourdough biotechnology within the whole value-chain, and such objectives were materialized into Working Groups.


João Rocha (Portugal) - MMII

João Rocha (Portugal) - MMII

Our mission is to:

  • Valorise dispersed Scientific and Technological (S&T) knowledge and outcomes on Cereal Science and Sourdough Biotechnology for the benefit of our Society, through gathering the state-of-the-art and concretize its potential into prototypes of processes and products with industrial and commercial interest;
  • Explore and intensify new multi- and interdisciplinary research topics and initiatives around cereal science and Sourdough Biotechnology;
  • Avoid duplication of research efforts, thus decreasing individual and overall research costs and increasing effectiveness of resources;
  • Contribute to the cohesion of research groups from different countries, ages, groups, gender and levels of career.
  • Become a privileged track to overcome the major difficulties found by young researchers in affirming themselves amongst the research community;
  • Create effective opportunities of international collaborations, facilitating the share of knowledge and experimental methodologies and, thus, minimizing unequal access of researchers to the most recent equipment and technologies, infrastructures, funding and other resources;
  • Contribute to develop and strength the scientific capacity, new skills and research rankings of COST members;
  • Be an opportunity for senior researchers or funded research projects to get the participation of talented and creative researchers, to get new and disruptive ideas from young generations, to develop new research lines and to use inter- and multidisciplinary approaches;
  • Accelerate sourdough-based biotechnological findings and their conversion into practical applications and entrepreneurship;
  • Qualify and increase competitiveness of farmers and industries.

João Rocha (Portugal)

SOURDOMICS is likely to result in structural changes in research and industrial systems, as well as influencing policymakers and orientations in the markets and consumers. It is our aim to strengthen Research and Innovation capacities and Excellence, increasing the impact of research in industry and leading to scientific breakthroughs in Europe and Worldwide.


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