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If you are a student, researcher, technician, farmer, trader, NGO or any other kind of stakeholder and want to boost your professional career and networking in the field of SOURDOMICS, you are in the right place! As the cornerstone of its philosophy, SOURDOMICS is an open networking where virtually anyone can be part of it. Being a non-MC member of SOURDOMICS means that will have access to the same (or mostly the same) information and opportunities as anyone else. New members should contact the Chair, choose the Working Groups (WG’s) of preference for an active participation (as many as want), fill the shared excel sheet and inform the respective WG leaders. We are not numbers and an active participation is fundamental!

Furthermore, to be nominated as Manager Committee (MC) member (is not a requirement to be integrated in the network!), you can contact your Country National Coordinators (CNC’s) and apply to become an MC member from your country. More information can be found in the COST webpage here. After acceptance by the CNC, the candidates are asked for signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of SOURDOMICS. Each country has a limited number of MC members. Supplementary information can be obtained in the last update of the COST Vademecum.


Alexandrina Sirbu (Romania) - MMIX

Within COST members there are COST full members – including COST Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC’s) –, COST Cooperating Members (CCM’s), COST Near Neighbour Countries (NNC’s), International partner Countries (IPC’s) and other non-MC members/partners. More information about the type of COST members can be found here.


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