Research objectives

The great intent of SOURDOMICS is to bring together the know-how from decades of research (since the late 1970’s), while going much beyond through the exploitation of multiple and novel approaches of Sourdough Biotechnology and their further materialization into breakthrough industrial, agricultural and commercial applications. The definition of the objectives led to the establishment of our nine Working Groups.

Cereal platform


In upstream is the CEREAL PLATFORM, which the research objectives are to:

  • Select and produce autochthonous conventional and nonconventional cereals and pseudocereal seeds from gene banks with better baking, nutritional and healthy attributes;
  • Promote a sustainable agriculture and preserving genetic diversity and heritage of cereals in Europe and worldwide;
  • Contribute to develop new business opportunities to the local farmers through their engagement into food processing.

Sourdough biotechnology platform

Alexandrina Sirbu (Romania) - MMIX

Dinkci (Turkey) - MMIX

Jorge Miranda (InCubus, Portugal) - MMXX

In downstream is the SOURDOUGH BIOTECHNOLOGY PLATFORM, i.e. the exploitation of sourdough fermentation and technology in different approaches. The research objectives are to:

  • Screen and characterize the microorganisms from cereals and spontaneous sourdoughs and design microbial starter cultures with application in a wide range of agri-food industries, e.g. baking, feed and pet food, dairy, meat and beverages;
  • Resort to the sourdough microbiota to produce functional metabolites and enzymes of high added-value and to be employed in agri-food, nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries;
  • To integrate previous and ongoing research projects into the COST Action SOURDOMICS, thus providing S&T expertise from distinct fields;
  • Produce healthy and tasty varieties of sourdough bread and other baking goods
  • Valorise by-products from cereal cultivation, breadmaking and other sourdough-based technologies, as well as food wastes from retailers.


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