Maria Papageorgiou is a graduate of the Department of Chemistry -Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specialised in the field of polysaccharide rheology and mixed biopolymer systems (PhD in Cranfield University, UK). Her current job position is Professor at the Food Science and Technology Department ( of the International Hellenic University (IHU). She is being involved in several international initiatives. Currently, she is serving as Secretary - Treasurer of the European Section of the AACCI, Cereals & Europe, with ca 400 members from all over Europe (, she is Board member and member of the Technical Committee of the International Association of Cereal Chemists (ICC, having also served as National Delegate of Greece (2002-2010) in that organization. She was recently elected (July 2020) as Board member of the ISEKI FOOD Association (IFA) ( and she represents IHU as Institutional member of IFA and as Article 36 Organizations of EFSA. She has coordinated bilateral research projects, national research activities and she has being a team member of EU funded projects. She is also a Referee at 15 scientific journals. Her main research interests are the tailoring of functional properties of cereal grains and their components in view of developing specific cereal healthy foods and ingredients. She has more than 1200 citations to her research work (40 peer reviewed articles and book chapters) and has participated in various conferences. Currently she is a member of the Quality Assurance Unit of IHU and since 2016 member of the Greek National Rular Network (

Research experience:

  • cereal chemistry
  • Dough rheology
  • Mycotoxin analysis and risk assessment
  • Cereal Bioactive compounds
  • Structure and function relation of cereal components
  • Gluten free product development
  • Eating motivation patterns
  • diversity analysis of breadmaking quality
  • diversity analysis of dietary fibers (arabinoxylan, β-glucan) and their composition in cereals
  • effects of organic cultivation on cereal quality

About the group - WG1. Recovery, characterization and selection of autochthonous conventional & nonconventional (pseudo)cereal seeds


Objectives and impacts

  • Cereals with better baking, functional, nutritional and healthy performance.
  • Sustainable agriculture and resilient seeds.
  • Optimization of agronomical practices towards maximization yields of production and improvement circular economy.
  • Recover the diversity and preservation autochthonous cereal seeds. Exploitation of alternative cereals and pseudocereals. Improvement of post-harvest preservation and food quality.
  • Open access web database on cereal seeds: repository of genotype, phenotype and technological data.


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