Marco Garcia-Vaquero is Assistant Professor at the School of Agriculture and Food Science at University College Dublin (UCD, Ireland). His work involves researching the extraction, purification, characterization and biological properties of molecules from agri-food by-products and the application of these molecules as functional foods or nutraceuticals. Within this field of work he has collaborated in multiple Irish and European funded research projects, being involved in the design and patenting process of several innovative protocols and technologies to obtain nutraceuticals. He has more than 40 peer reviewed publications, including book chapters, and participated in multiple conferences, European networks and COST actions.

About the group - WG7. Valorization of by-products, residues and food wastes throughout the entire value chain


Jorge Miranda (InCubus, Portugal) - MMXX

Jorge Miranda (InCubus, Portugal) - MMXX

Alexandrina Sirbu (Romania) - MMIX

Objectives and impacts

  • Valorisation of by-products, residues and food wastes from cereal cultivation and sourdough biotechnology, by incorporation into new value chains.
  • Development and optimization of analytical methodologies for the extraction or conversion, separation and purification of compounds from by-products
  • Promote the social and economic sustainable development, the reduction of food wastes, and the circular economies.


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