Grazina Juodeikiene is Dr. Habilitus of technical sciences and a full professor, at the Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania). She teaches courses on Food Technologies, Industrial Biotechnology, Plant Product Chemistry, Food Safety and Toxicology.

She is involved in several international and national research projects in the field of Food Safety and Industrial Biotechnology. She is representative of Lithuania to COST Action CA18101 and is Chair of WG3 “Design and development sourdough starter cultures for breadmaking and other agri-food products”.

Juodeikiene G. is conducting research in the field of industrial biotechnology, in food processing industry recycling of by-products and waste to biological active materials, chemical products and biogas (KTU leader of H2020 ERA-NET SUSFOOD2 project DISCOVERY, Grant No. TM-18-1 and FP7 project SUSMILK); the development of antimicrobial nutraceuticals (“Research Projects Implemented by the World-class Researcher Groups” under Measure No. 01.2.2-LMT-K-718) and adaptation of antimicrobial microorganisms for retardation of food microbiological contaminations (projects: BIOEKOTECH, BIOFITAS) as well as in feed (Eureka project E!13309 SUSFEETECH); has experience in developing of methodologies for better understanding of food consumer experiences: using computer-based emotional technologies to assess consumer intentions and emotions (KTU leader of ITEA2 Eureka project EMPATHIC, Lithuanian Research Council project EMOPSICHOSCREEN); in the development of acoustic methods of porous matter of Food (plant products) and Non Food-products and mainly in it’s quality and safety control and monitoring (projects: ITEA2 Eureka project ACOUSTICS, GelFix).

As food quality and safety expert she is Chair of Lithuanian Technical Committee Nr. 15 “Cereal products” and Technical Committee member of ICC, Expert at International Council of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies.

She is author or coauthor of more than 100 scientific publications (WoS) and 9 patents (3 - EU and 7 - National).

About the group - WG3. Design and development sourdough starter cultures for breadmaking and other agri-food products


João Rocha (Portugal) - MCMXCIX

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Objectives and impacts

  • Optimization of environmental and growth conditions for sourdough fermentations and other fermentation processes.
  • Design sourdough starter cultures for sourdough fermentations and other baking processes.
  • Design starter cultures for other agri-food sectors: Dairy, Feed and pet food, Meat, Juices, Beer, wine and other beverages, Nutraceuticals.


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