Fatih OZOGUL is a Professor in the Department of Seafood Processing Technology at the Cukurova University, where he has been since 2002. He has more than 15 years of practical experience as researcher/lecturer, working at the Cukurova University. His job also involves teaching in the field of food science and microbiology.

He received his BSc (Bachelor Degree) from Cukurova University with honour (Turkey) in 1994 and MSc from Hull University (United Kingdom) in Fisheries Technology Management in 1998. He received his PhD from Lincoln University (United Kingdom) in Food Science and Microbiology in 2002.

He has professional experience in improving the efficiency and sustainability of agro-food systems especially in Turkey, United Kingdom, Poland, Italy and Croatia. He has completed many R&I (Research & Innovation) projects in agro-food field. He has an extensive teaching experience related to seafood processing and microbiology, marine toxin, and HACCP. He has a great experience in determination of compounds such as biogenic amine, fatty acids, toxin, tocopherol, organic acids by using HPLC, GC and GC-MS instruments.

He has many publications in SCI & SCI-E (over 110) in the different food science journals with high impact factors and chapters in international food books. According to Web of Knowledge his h-index is 28 and has many citations. He is an associate editor of Food Bioscience and Frontiers in Microbiology (Food Section). Beyond his successes as a researcher, he has attended many international conferences as speaker. He plays a role as reviewer in many food science journal and projects for EU (European Union).

Professional Experience

  • Food technology/microbiology (histamine-forming bacteria, antioxidant, lactic acid bacteria (LAB), probiotics)
  • Microbial Biotechnology
  • Modified atmosphere and vacuum packaging
  • Sensory assessment test
  • Marine Toxins (TTX)
  • Biogenic amines, histamine, histamine-forming bacteria
  • Isolation and identification of bacteria
  • Instrumentation: HPLC, GC, GS-MS, Spectrophotometer, Texture analyzer

Current Research Interest

  • Organic acid and bacteriocin production by lactic acid bacteria (LAB)
  • Interaction between food-borne pathogens (FBP) and LAB
  • Biogenic amines (BA) production by LAB and BA analysis using HPLC
  • Cell free supernatant of LAB and application on food products
  • Biogenic amines production by FBP and elimination using LAB metabolites

About the group - WG8. Food safety, health promoting, sensorial perception and consumers’ behaviour


Duminda Perera - MMXX

Elena Bartkiene (Lithuania) - MMXIX

Objectives and impacts

  • Development of sustainable packaging for preservation of baking goods.
  • Promotion of health and prevention of chronic diseases through novel prototypes based on sourdough biotechnology. Healthy, tasty and safety food diets. Linkage between food quality and public health.
  • Influence trends in the market orientations and consumers’ preferences.
  • Influence practices of consumers to maintain the healthy food attributes, from purchasing to consumption.


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