Carole PROST (AgroParis’Tech Engineer, Ph.D. in Food Science, Paris VI, XI Universities ENSIA, Accreditation to direct research (H.D.R.), Nantes University, France), Professor of Food Biochemistry, Chief Researcher and Head of Flavor Research Group (UMR CNRS 6144 GEPEA, MAPS2 team) at ONIRIS – Medicine Veterinary and Food Engineering National Graduate School, France. She is author and co-author of more than 100 ISI WOS publications and author of 4 patents. Her research areas are basically in Food Aroma; Flavour; Flavour compounds interactions and perception; GC-MS/Olfactometry; VOCs Extraction techniques, Food science. Her Highlights of research activity are: Chemistry and analysis of food flavour, Food flavour characterization and flavour quality determination, Use of instrumental and sensory methods to identify and quantify character-impact flavour compounds in foods/agricultural materials, recovery of flavour constituents from food processing. She has experiences in development of technologies of new prototypes (Olfactometric devices, mastication simulator device), in Olfactometric analysis of food products and influence of the mix of volatile molecules on the odorous perception, Study of interactions between texture and flavor in foodstuffs, Identification of food aroma quality markers, their pathway from precursors and safety. She participated and have experience in coordinating and carrying out research projects (leader and/or participant in more than 30 national and international projects) with many of them dealing with the influence of making and formulation process on the aroma of cereal baking products and sourdough aromatic valorization. Furthermore, she has 20 years’ experience in collaborating with the industry specialized in aromatic field, milk products, cereal baking, extrusion, smoking, aromatic valorization and marine by-product processing. Also, she is teaching skills in biochemistry, formulation engineering, food additives and aroma at all levels and has already been responsible supervisor for 15 Ph.D. students. Reviewer of the national and international scientific journals dealing with aroma topic, she is part of Editorial Board “Fragrances and Flavors” of Molecules Journal.

Researchgate: Prost

About the group - WG8. Food safety, health promoting, sensorial perception and consumers’ behaviour


Duminda Perera - MMXX

Elena Bartkiene (Lithuania) - MMXIX

Objectives and impacts

  • Development of sustainable packaging for preservation of baking goods.
  • Promotion of health and prevention of chronic diseases through novel prototypes based on sourdough biotechnology. Healthy, tasty and safety food diets. Linkage between food quality and public health.
  • Influence trends in the market orientations and consumers’ preferences.
  • Influence practices of consumers to maintain the healthy food attributes, from purchasing to consumption.


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