Our partners

Partners of SOURDOMICS encompasses Management Committee members and non-MC members. MC members are nominated by the COST National Coordinators (CNCs). If you are a member of our Community of Sourdough and want to give visibility to your institution and country then send to our webmaster the name, country, URL website and logotype of your Institution. If you are not a member become one and participate actively in our activities.

SOURDOMICS accounts with partners spread all over the world. In the multiplicity of applications of sourdough biotechnology, all sectors of industry are already present or welcome: agri-food, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. All sectors of the agri-food fits with SOURDOMICS, for example cereal production, bakery, dairy, feed and pet foods, meat, juices, refrigerants, beer, wine and other beverages. Farmers, retailers, industrial plant project design, consultancy, incubation centers and all kind of partners can be valuable in this network.

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