Core Group Members

The Core Group of SOURDOMICS is a board with leading and coordination roles, and is formed by members elected from the Management Committee structure. It comprises the Chairs, Working Group leaders (WGL) and the Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Board coordinators. It also integrates the Science and Administrative COST Officers. The Core Group are in the basis of all strategic and operational measures undertaken in SOURDOMICS, which decisions are further discussed with all Our Partners, i.e. all Management Committee (MC) and non-MC members. Most of the decisions are further voted electronically (e-vote) or in person by the MC. You can find complementary information in Parties and Management Structure of the COST Action SOURDOMICS, and also here in Our Partners.

The Chairs coordinate and manage all the activities and have the necessary overall vision of the COST Action SOURDOMICS to make the appropriate linkage between different Working Groups, DCEB coordinators and, in general, all members. They interact with all members of SOURDOMICS, although WG leaders makes an important bridge between Chairs and WG members.


João M. Rocha (Portugal) - MMXVIII
  • João M. Rocha
    Portugal Chair
  • Elena Bartkiene
    Lithuania Vice-Chair / WGL6
  • Marianna Rakszegi
    Hungary WGL1
  • Maria Papageorgiou
    Greece WGVL1
  • Susanne Miescher Schwenninger
    Switzerland WGVL2
  • Grazina Juodeikiene
    Lithuania WGL3
  • Elaine B. Ceresino
    Sweden WGVL3
  • Kristian Pastor
    Republic of Serbia WGL4
  • Dubravka Novotni
    Croatia WGVL4
  • Twan America
    Netherlands WGL5
  • Fabienne Verté
    Belgium WGVL5
  • Spyridon Paramythiotis
    Greece WGVL6
  • Marco Garcia Vaquero
    Ireland WGL7
  • Ivana Karabegovic
    Republic of Serbia WGVL7
  • Fatih Ozogul
    Turkey WGL8
  • Carole Prost
    France WGVL8
  • Aleksandra Figurek
    Bosnia and Herzegovina WGL9
  • Alexandrina Sirbu
    Romania WGVL9
  • Elena Velickova Nikova
    North Macedonia SCM
  • Nikolina Cukelj Musta
    Croatia GAC
  • Gül Ebru Orhun
    Turkey DCC
  • Jana Klopchevska
    North Macedonia WM
  • Meleksen Akin
    Turkey STSMC

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