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Preparation of collaborative manuscripts in Special Issues

WG leaders of SOURDOMICS are preparing proposals of Special Issues in refereed international scientific journals to encourage collaboration between our members. If you want to suggest other topics and journals or engage yourself in the edition of Special Issues, please contact the Chair. Find out more in the ongoing activities of each WG in the page Working Groups. The actual Special Issues per WG in preparation are as shown below. Fill the form and send to the given contact.

Working Group (WG) Tentative titles of the Special Issues Contact person

Special issue 1: Assessment of nutritional and processing quality of autochthonous cereals and pseudocereals for exploitation in sourdough technology
Special issue 2: Agriculture practices and environmental effects on nutritional and processing quality of cereals and pseudocereals for exploitation in sourdough technology

SPECIAL ISSUE: Guest Editor: Maria Papageorgiou and Theodoros 
Varzakas, Journal: FOODS, Journal of MDPI (I.F. 4.092), Title: " 
Scientific insights and technological advances in gluten free products 
Link: upcoming, Deadline: 10 September 2021-Special discount on Article Processing Charge may be applied to SOURDOMICS 

- Special issue: New Insights into Cereals and Cereal-Based Foods Vol.II

The journal Foods (ISSN 2304-8158, IF 4.092) is currently running a Special Issue entitled "New Insights into Cereals and Cereal-Based Foods, Volume II"

Prof. Dr. Papageorgiou Maria, WG1 Vice Leader, is serving as Guest Editor for this issue.

Marianna Rakszegi
WG2 Special issue 1: To be defined Susanne Miescher Schwenninger
WG3 Special issue 1: To be defined Elaine Berger Ceresino

Special issue 1: Cereal food methodologies

Journal: Food analytical method

Special issue:

Cereals Food Methodologies

Journal: Food Analytical Methods (FANM) Now IF is: 3.07, Q2) (Springer)

entitled “Cereal Food Methodologies” (no APC’s)

Guest editor: Kristian Pastor and Dubravka Novotni

Kristian Pastor
WG5 Special issue 1: Twan America
WG6 Special issue 1: Sourdough microorganisms for the safer higher value food/feed preparation
Special issue 2: Current Reviews in Beverages:; Foods:
Spyridon Paramythiotis
WG7 Special issue 1: Re-valorization of compounds from cereals, cereal by-products and sourdough derived microbiota for food applications Marco Garcia Vaquero
WG8 Special issue 1: Special Issue (SI) of Food Bioscience (IF:3.067) entitled “Recent developments of lactic acid bacteria and their metabolites on food quality, food safety and human health” has been launched so any kind of manuscripts can be submitted through submission system of the journal. There is no Article Processing Charge (APC). More information about SI can be found in the link;


Special issue 1: Manuscripts must be submitted electronically via the Elsevier editorial system site for the Journal at


Any inquiries regarding the content of papers should be submitted to Guest Editors:

Fatih OZOGUL –

João Miguel F. Rocha –


New Submission deadline: 01 January 2021. Food Bioscience (Elsevier).

Fatih Ozogul
WG9 Special issue 1: Sustainability in the cereal production and breadmaking industry Aleksandra Figurek



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