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Dear colleagues and members of SOURDOMICS, COST Action 18101:

We are pleased to Open a Call until the end of the 3rd Grant Period (GP3, from 2021-11-01 to 2022-10-31) for candidatures to support Article Processing Charges (APC’s) of Open Access Peer-Reviewed Scientific Publications. In the approved Work and Budget Plan (WBP) for GP3 was foreseen 30 000.00 € to support APC’s. Since the article processing charges (APC’s) varies according to the journals and publishers, in GP3 the maximum (average) support per publication is 3000€. It is expected that this total budget will give rise to approximately 10-15 peer-reviewed publications.


How to apply to the support of ACP’s in publications and expected process description?

×         Verify if the conditions of eligibility are fulfilled, according to the Annotated Rules for COST Actions, and particularly the ANNEX 3 – Dissemination and Communication Products.

×         Fill the application form (Annex below).

×         Submit your application via email to the Science Communication Manager

o   Prof. Elena Velickova, Science Communication Manager (SCM):;

o   The SCM together with the Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Board Coordinators (DCEBC, and the Chairs will verify the eligibility of the application and inform the candidate if the publication may be potentially supported by SOURDOMICS. This decision is not binding, that is, it does not represent any commitment or guarantee of a positive final decision. The support for the APC’s can only be taken after the publication is accepted by the peer-reviewed journal. It will depend in factors such as: if the publication still fulfills the eligibility conditions; if the budget still available at the time of application of the peer-reviewed article already accepted for publication; and taking into account the “Recommendations” given in the abovementioned ANNEX 3 – Dissemination and Communication Products.

×         The Action Chair submits the request for the APC’s to be funded and upon approval by the COST Association the Grant Holder (ICETA, will process the payment. For claiming the expense, an invoice and a proof of delivery (the publication in electronic format and DOI) need to be provided to the COST Association. Please check “2.2. Process description” in the abovementioned ANNEX 3. The invoice must be addressed to the Grant Holder of SOURDOMICS as follows:

o   ICETA – Instituto de Ciências, Tecnologias e Agroambiente da Universidade do Porto. Praça Gomes Teixeira, Apartado 55142, 4051-401 PORTO, PORTUGAL. VAT: 503178306.

×         Acknowledge COST as a funding source in any reproducible item financed with this budget is mandatory The acknowledgement shall follow the COST guidelines on visual identity. Mandatory standard text for acknowledgement of COST Action SOURDOMICS can be found in the attached email in PDF. Before publishing, please ensure COST visual identity is adequately acknowledged.

Yours sincerely,

João Rocha, Chair

Elena Bartkiene, Vice-Chair

Elena Velickova, Science Communication Manager (SCM) ; COST Action 18101: SOURDOMICS




Get informed about the latest COST rules and your eligibility for networking tools:

×         The new Annotated Rules for COST Actions have entered into force on November 1st 2021:

×         Webinar Series:

o   June 29th 2021:

o   Overview: COST Webinar " New rules for managing COST Actions under Horizon Europe" - YouTube

o   Meetings and Training Schools: Webinar Series on the Annotated Rules: Meetings and Training Schools - YouTube

o   Mobility of Researchers and Innovators and Presentations organized by 3rd Parties:

o   Dissemination and Communication Products and Other expenses incurred to benefit the Action:

×         Attached files:

1.      Slides of the webinar of June 29.

2.      Slides of Webinar Series of the COST Annotated Rules.

3.      A quick guide of the main changes to the rules impacting the COST Actions. Information on the new rules versus the old rules.

×         COST documents and guidelines:



Recall that:

×         Never ever book travel/accommodation before having received a formal COST invitation.

×         Travel cancellation insurance is mandatory (or refundable ticket, hotel room with free cancellation…)




Dear colleagues from SOURDOMICS and other networks,


The editorial team is very pleased to be launching a new article collection, Metabolite Profile Optimization in Industrial Biotechnology Applications Through Microbial Selection and Characterization.


The expert editorial team is composed by:

×         Elena Bartkiene - Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas, Lithuania

×         Meleksen Akin - Iğdır Üniversitesi, Iğdır, Turkey

×         Antonello Santini - University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy

×         João Miguel Rocha - Laboratory of Process Engineering, Environment, Biotechnology and Energy, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal


We’re now in the process of putting together a group of top researchers whose work we’d like to feature in this collection, and we would like you to participate.


Hosted by Frontiers in Food Science and Technology, this is a unique opportunity for us to collaborate and to showcase our research.


If you are willing to participate, please go to the option “Participate” in the webpage:


Submission deadline: 08 March 2022


Please get in touch if you have any questions - looking forward to hearing from you.


Kind Regards,

João Miguel Rocha

Topic Editor,

Food Safety and Quality Control Section, Frontiers in Food Science and Technology


On behalf of the Topic Editors.



Invite other members of SOURDOMICS to participate in the preparation of collaborative manuscripts (research data/regular papers, reviews, editorial articles, papers in special issues, etc) in refereed international scientific journals. Propose the tentative Topics/Titles, Contents and List of Authors and co-authors by filling the form in the file “COST-Form-Deliverables 4-Manuscripts” and send to the Chair. The information will be redirected to the appropriate(s) WG leader(s) and/or disseminated through the mailing list.

WG1 -

For further information, please contact the Chair.


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