Open Calls

Preparation of collaborative Biobanks/Open access web databases.

Based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), two projects of Biobanks/Open access web databases are being designed:

Project of Biobank Working Group (WG) Tentative title of the book Contact persona
WG1 WG1. Recovery, characterization and selection of autochthonous conventional & nonconventional (pseudo)cereal seeds From conventional breeding to modern biotechnology for developing sustainable and healthy cereals and pseudocereals Marianna Rakszegi

WG2. Screening and characterization cereal flours and sourdough microbiota

WG3. Design and development sourdough starter cultures for breadmaking and other agri-food products
Design sourdough microbiota and starter cultures for industry Susanne Miescher Schwenninger

At this stage we are asking for “Expression of Interests” to contribute to co-author and implement the final design of the Biobanks. The pre-projects of the Biobanks/Open Access Web Databases are available here for your analysis. They are the basis to develop the new design of the Biobanks and its content. Contact the coordinators of the Biobanks and expose your ideas.


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