Open Calls

GP2 - Training Schools (TS’s)

  • Grant Period Start
    May 01, 2020
  • Grant Period End
    April 30, 2021

According to the Work and Budget Plan (WBP), in GP2 were considered 2 Training Schools (TS’s) each one for 2 and 9 eligible Trainers and Trainees, respectively, and of 3 day’s duration (4 nights). The configuration and program of each TS can be adjusted according to the host organizer and to the provisions in COST Vademecum. These grants help to support travel, accommodation and subsistence of the Trainers and Trainees, and also includes the Local Organizer Support (LOS). COST supports does not necessarily cover all the expenses. The average budget per Trainee and Trainer and LOS varies among TS’s, based in the place (country). More information in the WBP-GP2. Due to management reasons, this networking tool should happen until February/March 2021.

Before apply to any STSM, TS or ITC Conference Grant get informed about all COST rules and policies in the COST Vademecum. It is also recommended to check carefully the information made available in previous GP’s (Open Calls, Internal Guidelines, Selection Criteria). According to the COST rules, acknowledgements are mandatory and only after receive the Official Invitation by the Administrator the selected candidates become eligible for reimbursements. To apply, fill the form and submit the candidature.



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