Open Calls

SOURDOMICS plays a key-role to aggregate knowledge and engage researchers, technicians and other stakeholders towards the creation of new opportunities in collaboration.
Before applying to any opportunities of SOURDOMICS, get informed about all COST rules and policies in the last update of the COST Vademecum. Complementarily, it was prepared non-official Internal guidelines to help members of SOURDOMICS. Files of networking outputs, such as minutes, newsletters and open access articles can also be found in the Repository.

Please refer and acknowledge COST as well as COST Action SOURDOMICS (CA18101) in all your manuscripts, presentations and any other dissemination and communication activities, so that they can be also considered as an outcome of SOURDOMICS. Send all the details and files to the Dissemination and Communication Coordinator (DCC) and webmaster.

Use the logotype of SOURDOMICS in your email signature and all pertinent documents. For more information, see Acknowledgments and Visual identity of SOURDOMICS.
For further assistance, please contact the Helpdesk.

SOURDOMICS is a window of opportunities by promoting the brain-circulation and spread excellence through collaboration among their members and the use of the available Networking Tools:

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