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Dear members and friends of the Core Group:

The upcoming Core Group Meeting in the beautiful capital Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia. The local organizer support, LOS, (and all the executed budget) depends on the number of attendances and *not* in the number of persons in SOURDOMICS (we are more than 260!).

The Agenda for the face-to-face meetings are again given.

These meetings (only 3-4 meetings in a year!) are of upmost importance to get together in an informal context, make an evaluation of the past activities, discuss correction measures, plan the future of SOURDOMICS and, above all, to allow us to be in person and not in a “cold” virtual environment.

In this particular CGM1, we have to plan the forthcoming MCM1-GP3 (yes, we are already in GP3!) in another beautiful place (Thessaloniki, Greece), in co-location with the 7th Cereals & Europe Spring Meeting 2022 (CESM-7).

From above, I would like to ask you all to be present at the next meeting.

Kind regards,

João Rocha

Upcoming events


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