Open Access Scientific Publications (GP2)

25 July, 2021

Dear members of COST Action 18101 – SOURDOMICS:

We are pleased to Open a Call until the end of GP2 for candidatures to financial support of Open Access Scientific Publications. The GP2 of COST Action SOURDOMICS (CA18101) ends at 2021-10-31 and, according to the COST rules, the yearly budget cannot be transferred between Grant Periods. Therefore, due to management reasons, this networking tool should happen (in maximum) until October 20th, 2021. To apply, fill the form and submit the candidature to the Science Communication Manager.


How to apply to the STSMs?

×         Fill the application form (Annex below).

×         Submit your application to:

o   Elena Velickova, Science Communication Manager:;

o   (in cc.) João M. Rocha, Chair:

o   (in cc.) Elena Bartkiene, Vice-Chair:


Before apply to publications funded by COST Action SOURDOMICS (CA18101), please get fully informed about all COST rules and policies in SECTION 10 of the Vademecum (updated in April 2021).

According to the Vademecum (updated in April 2021), “Publications funded by COST shall be a direct result of work performed by Action Participants and shall be co-authored by Action Participants representing at least 3 different Participating COST Full Members / COST Cooperating Members”. Please find out more about COST full and cooperating countries and other type of COST participants in:

×         COST Association website about COST members:

×         SECTION 1 of the Vademecum:

Since the article processing charges (APC’s) varies according to the journals and publishers, in GP2 the maximum (average) support per publication by COST Action SOURDOMICS (CA18101) is 3000€.

According to the COST rules, acknowledgements are mandatory and only after receive the Official Invitation by the Administrator the selected candidates become eligible for reimbursements. As referred in Vademecum, “All publications generated from work performed by Action Participants shall include, display and respect the COST corporate identity adhering to the brand guidelines detailed in the COST brand book, available for download at:” Mandatory standard text for acknowledgement of COST Action SOURDOMICS can be found in (see also email attached).

Yours sincerely,

João Rocha, Chair

Elena Bartkiene, Vice-Chair

Elena Velickova, Science Communication Manager (SCM) ; COST Action 18101: SOURDOMICS


Open Access Scientific Publications  (GP2)


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