COST Connect on Europe-Africa cooperation

14 April, 2021

Representation of SOURDOMICS in the online event “COST Connect on Europe-Africa Cooperation”

Last Wednesday 31st March 2021, SOURDOMICS ( was well represented at the COST Association online event focused on the Cooperation between European and African researchers within COST Actions (COST News). SOURDOMICS– which included in the consortium of the proposal countries from the 5 Continents – has always been defending the importance for “the creation of a network – THE COMMUNITY OF SOURDOUGH – in order to effectively explore and transfer sourdough technology along entire value chain” (in Memorandum of Understanding of SOURDOMICS).

In this workshop, Professor Taofik A. Shittu a SOURDOMICS partner from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria, was a speaker in the Agenda as testimonies from COST Actions. He mentioned that his participation in SOURDOMICS opened up new research agenda in his laboratory that could lead to breakthroughs to impact the food industry in the sub-Saharan Africa. According to Professor Taofik A. Shittu, sourdough technology has many potential applications in the food systems of Africa, especially to use sourdough approaches to improve product quality and stability as well to improve consumers’ health. He also identified the networking tools of SOURDOMICS are effective connection between Europe and Africa in many vectors.  Short-term scientific missions, and training school, project of books, joint publications, etc. However, solicited for opening up of involvement of early career scientists in students exchange program; allocation of funds for enhancing participation of African scientists in the IPC’s, whose participations in the networking activities have been hindered by financial and research challenges.



Professor Tamer Gamel, a SOURDOMICS partner from the University of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt, participated in two table round discussion and stated: “One of the main benefits is the networking. To have more collaborations is very beneficial for African partners. Also, once you start being involved in one project, you may have the chance of getting involved in additional ones, and join new collaborations.” (in COST News). He also highlighted the important of allocating more fund to the NNC to support infra structure improvement and research facilities upgrading.



Currently, the COST Action SOURDOMICS has 34 countries belonging to COST Full members, but in total we are already 54 countries from the 5 Continents and more than 248 (MC and non-MC) members. SOURDOMICS encompasses 4 African partners: Egypt (NNC), Morocco (NNC), Nigeria (IPC) and South Africa (IPC). In addition, other International Partner Countries (IPCs) comprises Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand and USA, and other Near Neighbour Countries (NNCs) are Armenia and Ukraine. See map at:

João Miguel Rocha, Chair
Elena Bartkienė, Vice-chair
Elena Velickova, Gül Ebru Orhun, Jana Simonovska and Tamara D. Hadnadjev, DCEB Coordinator

COST Connect on Europe-Africa cooperation


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