Baking Business Sustainability Through Life Cycle Management

15 June, 2023

This timely and comprehensive text focuses on important recent advances in applied sustainability in the baking industry, connecting all the current methods and strategies into a single book. Those involved in bread production will find the latest developments at the theoretical and practical levels, including information and communication requirements, reporting and regulatory aspects, economic and environmentally sustainable business models, supply chain management, life cycle assessment, product and organizational environmental footprints and more. For small bakery business owners to industry leaders and policymakers, governmental authorities, regulatory authorities and standardization bodies, this book offers a compilation of technical information about sustainability in the market for the bakery sector. 

 Baking Business Sustainability Through Life Cycle Management begins by presenting basic information on the life cycle assessment and product environmental footprint of the bread industry, proposing an analysis of sustainability assessment using environmental and social footprints and providing recommendations for integral optimization of economic and environmental performance. A second section focuses on sustainability in the baking industry, providing a regional focus from Europe to the Americas to Africa and beyond. The third section takes a deep look at economic feasibility and efficiency in the bread industry, including the economic viability of different scenarios for bread-based value chains, and forming efficient business models for bakeries. A final section zeroes in on the most up-to-date innovations in the current bakery industry, including the impact of bakery innovation on business resilience growth, commercial systems, and new business models in regional food systems for farmers and companies, based on multi-actor approach. 

 Innovations within the bakery industry are at an all-time high, with new sustainability and economic models being introduced, along with associated market risks. This timely and ambitious text aims to cover all the most recent advances and methods for successful incorporation into bakery businesses. 

Baking Business Sustainability Through Life Cycle Management


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