Meetings & Teleconferences

SOURDOMICS is committed to contribute to the COST Vision and Strategic Goals, chiefly to promote and spread Excellence, to foster interdisciplinary research for breakthrough science and to empower and retain young researchers and innovators. This interface can also be yours. Propose a webinar or an advanced course.

SOURDOMICS is the first network dedicated to the sourdough biotechnology and is committed to connect the experts spread worldwide and foster the strengthening of collaborations between all kind of stakeholders: researchers, companies, farmers, consumers, policymakers and governmental authorities, regulatory authorities, standardisation bodies, laypersons. We believe that this multi- and interdisciplinary and broad cross-border network and its collaborations with a transnational coordination will lead to breakthrough science, to the conversion of ideas into applications and to the consolidation of this field of science.

For further assistance, please contact our Helpdesk and Dissemination, Coordination and Exploitation Coordinators.

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