Dissemination activities

DCEB members promote and coordinate activities of Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation (DCE) of the outcomes coming from the scientists and other members (companies, farmers, consumers, policymakers, ONG’s, etc) through several means:

  • Organization, co-organization and co-location of S&T events, such as fairs, roadmaps, open and weekend days, conferences, congresses and seminars, webinars and workshops;
  • Organization of the Final Action Dissemination;
  • Planning and promotion of collaborative publications of manuscripts, books, book’s chapters and biobanks, and submission of project proposals in consortium to;
  • Planning, dissemination and promotion, coordination and evaluation of networking tools: face-to-face, e-learning and b-learning Training Schools (TS’s) and webinars; Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM’s); ITC Conference grants; projects of books and manuscripts
  • Planning, promotion and organization of face-to-face and teleconference meetings among members;
  • Establishment of direct interaction and cooperation between researchers, farmers, companies, policy arena and general public;
  • Integration between previous and ongoing research projects and the COST Action SOURDOMICS;
  • Establishment of a strategy targeted to improve key-performance indicators (KPI’s) of the COST Action SOURDOMICS, such as gender balance, presence of Inclusiveness target countries (ITC) and Early Career Investigators (ECI) in the management roles and making campaigns towards the continuous growth of our Community of Sourdough;
  • Divulgation in flyers, brochures, e-newsletters and websites;
  • Outreach in social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc) and conventional mass media (local TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc) to reach different audiences.


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