Dissemination Communication

The Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Board (DCEB) consists in several researchers of SOURDOMICS with skills and special interests in the dissemination and communication of Science and Technology. DCEB is in charge of awareness, impact maximisation and research data exploitation. The DCEB coordinators are key-elements motivated to disseminate and communicate the scientific and technological findings to the Society using the appropriate language and communication channels according to the audience. Using a strategy of user-oriented interactions, they are determinant towards maximizing the exploitation of the outcomes in SOURDOMICS.

Dubravka Novotni (Croatia) - MMXX

DCEB coordinators are ready to answer to the needs of our members and to make the bridge with any stakeholder. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas contact them.
The DCEB coordinator will get in touch with you. Important to mention the available interface for teleconferencing and dissemination activities in Teleconferences. Files of the dissemination outputs, such as minutes, newsletters and open access articles can be found in Repository, and complementary information in News and Events, Open Calls and Webinars and Teleconferences.

The DCEB was initially composed by the following coordinators. However, this organic structure was subject to a restructuration mainly to become function-oriented.

  • DCEM: Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Manager (see our activities)
  • STSMC: Short-Term Scientific Missions Coordinator
  • GAC: Grant Awarding Coordinator
  • DCC: Dissemination and Communication Coordinator
  • WM: Webmaster

João M. Rocha, Portugal, MMXVIII


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